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Ramiro Romero
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Sequelize JS
  • Bootstrap, Material UI, Reactstrap
  • Webpack, Vite
  • Digital Ocean, Hostinger VPS
  • Git-Github
  • Debian Server, CentOS, Windows Server

Comprehensive Software Development for Techmasys


Project details

We are delighted to showcase one of our most comprehensive projects: the development of an all-encompassing software solution for payment management, human resources, procurement, and inventory for Techmasys. We collaborated closely with the Techmasys team to create a robust solution that streamlines internal processes and enhances operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Payment Management: Automated system for seamless payment processing and invoicing.
  • Human Resources: Comprehensive record-keeping and tracking of personnel data, including payroll management.
  • Procurement: Efficient tool to manage the procurement process, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Inventory: Precise and up-to-date control of the company's inventory.

Key Functions of the Integrated Software for Techmasys:

1. Payment Management:

  • Automated payment processing.
  • Invoice and receipt generation.
  • Detailed tracking and recording of financial transactions.

2. Human Resources:

  • Comprehensive employee data management.
  • Payroll administration and compensation.
  • Attendance tracking and vacation management


  • Supplier and contract tracking.
  • Efficient management of purchase orders.
  • Integration with inventory for timely replenishment.

4. Inventory:

  • Detailed real-time inventory control.
  • Tracking of stock movements.
  • Low-stock alerts and expiry management.

5. Reports and Analysis:

  • Generation of financial and human resources reports.
  • Data analysis for process optimization and decision-making.

6. Security and Controlled Access:

  • Role-based access for privacy assurance.
  • Activity audit to maintain data integrity.

7. Process Automation:

  • Automated workflows for approvals.
  • Scheduled payments and automatic reminders.

8. Integration with External Platforms:

  • Connection with banking systems for secure payments.
  • Integration with online purchasing platforms.

9. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Intuitive design for ease of navigation.
  • Staff training for quick adoption.

10. Technical Support and Updates:

  • Continuous technical assistance.
  • Regular updates to enhance functionality.

These functions ensure that the software provided to Techmasys is comprehensive, efficient, and capable of addressing all their needs in terms of payment management, human resources, procurement, and inventory.

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